Brand Advocacy Marketing: How to Efficiently Get Consumers

Brand Advocacy Marketing: How to Efficiently Get Consumers

Marketing costs for a product are quite expensive. To overcome this problem, in marketing there is a strategy that is quite effective but also friendly in the pockets of business owners. The strategy is brand advocacy marketing. Brand advocacy marketing is a marketing strategy where consumers who like your brand ( brand advocate) will support and promote your products and services to new customers organically.

With this strategy, you don’t need to worry about the cost of creating expensive paid advertisements or promotions. You can be calmer because consumers will market their products or brands organically. With brand advocacy marketing, the brand will be better known and sales will increase. But at a cost that is more efficient.


The Importance of Brand Marketing Advocacy

Why is brand advocacy marketing important to use for marketing? And how effective? Here are some points that are the reasons why using this strategy is important and effective in your marketing.

  1. According to statistics, 92% of consumers trust recommendations from their social circle. Compared to seeing advertisements, usually, potential customers will ask the closest people who have used a product or service. Generally, they will immediately trust recommendations and content from these colleagues, family, and friends.
  2. The impact of the first point above is that your brand growth will increase naturally without having to spend large costs for advertising.
  3. Improve brand image because it gets a positive impression from people who have used your products and services.
  4. Your brand has many opportunities for publication and opens up to new consumers even wider. This is because when a brand is talked about a lot, there are automatically many media publications that glance to publish.
  5. With so many consumers helping, the time spent doing marketing will be shorter. So that more time for you to try new things.

Things to note

Cassandra Jowett,  senior content marketing manager at Influitive marketing companies, explained a number of things that must be considered in adopting a brand advocacy marketing strategy summarized as follows.


1. The brand advocate does n’t have to be a famous person

You might think that the more famous someone is, the easier it will be to convince consumers to use your products and services. Use the artist or influencer as a brand advocate for example. But this opinion is not always true. According to Jowett, the best brand advocate is someone who has good experience with your brand.

So that the right people are actually consumers who have been satisfied They have always been making repeat purchases and giving positive reviews both online and offline to your brand’s products and services. Artists or influencers do have the ability to attract the attention of more people, but not necessarily they can convince to buy.


2. Start with something simple

According to Jowett, there is no need to make anything too complicated when doing brand advocacy. You can start by creating simple but interesting content on social media to get feedback such as likes, comments, and shares from consumers. Brand advocacy that is too complicated will actually reduce the desire of consumers to participate.

To make consumers willing to share your social media content voluntarily, it is necessary to combine three things, namely questions, education, and challenges. Give them questions about your brand, can also ask for advice. This is intended so that consumers feel involved so they have a sense of belonging to your brand. Next, provide information about the brand regularly. The information provided should be packaged in interesting content so that consumers do not feel bored. Finally, give challenges that benefit both you and the consumer. For example, consumers who share more about your brand will get discounts, coupons or other gifts.

3. The Benefits Obtained by Both Parties

According to Jowett, it is a big mistake if a business advocates marketing only from the perspective of the business owner. Though businesses should apply marketing advocacy also to benefit consumers. Because in this case, consumers have come to try to improve brand marketing.

We recommend giving appreciation to consumers who have made referrals outside the campaign. Appreciation is not always in a big form. Just give a small but useful gift to the consumer. Make sure consumers feel that your program is not just giving profits to your business, but also to them.

In applying brand advocacy marketing, in addition to paying attention to these three things, you first improve your culture, environment and business products and services. You need to build a trusted environment that employees and quality products are proud of. Because of the internal business is not good, then how will outsiders view that your brand deserves to be recommended.


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