Causes of ulcers in the feet of people with diabetes

Causes of ulcers in the feet of people with diabetes

Ulcers on the legs of diabetics or often called diabetic ulcers have become a very serious problem in the world of health. Not only because of the difficulty of treatment but the difficulty of getting patient compliance to be able to obey the doctor’s advice so that complications do not occur. If complications continue to have to be amputated sometimes the medical world is blamed even though the patient comes with an advanced stage where previously only doing alternative treatments that are sometimes inappropriate. Until along with the increasing number of diabetics both in the world and in Indonesia which causes the risk of this ulcer disease, it is hoped that the need for awareness of the dangers and prevention.

Ulcers (ulcers) on the legs of diabetics can occur if a previous injury occurs. We know that if a person has diabetes, wounds will be difficult to heal. This is because blood vessels cannot provide maximum nutrition. Especially the part of the foot which is often called the end artery or the most end artery is the area that is most prone to ulcers. If the wound does not get Curtis from the blood vessels, healthy cells from around the wound will die due to lack of oxygen. If allowed to die cells that will be more and more that causes the feet are initially swollen, reddened and over time will become blackish which will expand.

High blood sugar levels are the most pleasant medium for germs to live and breed. Moreover, a complication of diabetes is diabetic neuropathy which causes peripheral nerves to be insensitive. This is seen in people with diabetes when exposed to something becomes not felt and suddenly arise. Open wounds will make bacteria quickly grow and multiply. This will aggravate the state of injury for diabetics.

The best treatment is to immediately see a doctor to be able to check blood sugar levels. A decrease in blood sugar immediately needs to be considered so that the wound does not spread. Sugar consumption must also be tightened in efforts to cure. However, if it has reached an advanced stage, insulin injection is a step that must be taken in order to control sugar levels and help heal diabetic wounds.


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